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  • 4-H is a global network of youth organizations whose mission is to “prepare young people to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.” [1] The 4-H name represents four personal development areas of focus for the organization: head, heart, hands, and health. The goal of 4-H is to develop citizenship, leadership, and responsibility skills of youth by teaching them to “learn by doing.”


    For Youth

    You will like 4-H and Rada because we have a variety of different rabbit and cavy breeds for you to choose from. Another reason to join 4-H is that we have a very large 4-H club with 60 plus members. Being in 4-H means that you get to “learn by doing” which means that you get to meet lots of new people and have the chance to visit many different places if you compete at a national level. Every spring in April, Rada funds a seminar show for just youth from all over the northwest.


    Here are 7 reasons why young people should join 4-H:

    • To have lots of fun while learning by doing.
    • To make new friends.
    • To become a school or community leader.
    • To develop skills to succeed in the workplace.
    • To improve goal-setting and decision-making skills.
    • To discover how our government works.
    •  To learn to care for and protect the environment. [2]

    For Parents

    Youth will benefit from 4-H by learning to work with other children while applying leadership and responsibility skills. Rada is a safe environment that encourages everyone to play a part in raising rabbits and/or cavies. The four H’s stand for head, heart, hands, and health. Head for clearer thinking, heart for greater loyalty, hands for larger service, and health for better living. “When 4-H began 100 years ago, almost everyone lived on a farm. That’s not true anymore. 4-H happens wherever kids live – in large cities, small towns, rural areas, on farms and even on military bases.” [3]